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Women on a mission…

  By: Julie Carpenter

The holiday season is finally here!  This year more than ever my family, friends, and I are looking for more American made brands that we can support. While looking at gift ideas, my husband and I came across a business with a story that is truly inspiring. We soon realized that we need to share meaningful stories like these each and every month on Prime Blvd.

For November 2020, we would like to introduce the R.Riveter American Handmade business.  R.Riveter stands behind the very essence of what our country is built on –  the hard-working military family.  Not only is this handmade American handbag business based out of military bases around the country, but it’s also a woman created/woman run operation.  That’s inspiring enough! But then when you read further about this company and how their bags are made right here in the US,  paired with their heart-warming mission, it really pulls on your emotional heartstrings… 

R.Riveter American Handmade was founded by two military spouses, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse.  Their goal was to start a business for the military spouses – whose day-to-day lives are ever changing. They set out on a mission to create an American brand that is built, supported, and shipped right here in the US by military spouses all over the country. This would allow these families to continue to work for one company no matter where they may be deployed.  

R.Riveter American Handmade Owners

R.Riveter American Handmade makes each one of their products by hand.  They have what they call “Riveters” based all over the country sewing pieces of the handbags and then shipping these pieces to their manufacturer in Southern Pines, NC. Each one of these individual pieces are then molded together to build one beautiful, handmade, American made product! 

The Riveter’s personal ID number is placed on the product tag solidifying the authentic, unique, and meaningful nature of each and every single handbag made. Each handbag is one of a kind and unique from the rest; sharing each and every Riveter’s fingerprint. The authenticity and beauty of each handbag make the purchase not only a statement of your individual fashion, but also a purchase you can splurge on while feeling truly proud to do so.

R.Riveter American Handmade Country

I’m drawn to R.Riveter, and deeply inspired to want to support this great US business. Not only are their handbags stylish, but I love the incredible story behind how they started, along with the additional good they are doing for our country. When you go to their website you’ll find that they are employing military spouses who are already sacrificing so much to support the people who fight for our country.

You will also find that this women-owned, women-run military business started an organization that supports USA made businesses called the R.Riveter’s Military Spouse Entrepreneurship Award.  Every time you purchase a product, a portion of the proceeds goes back into the award which goes specifically to military families looking to start their own journey in entrepreneurship. 

Run!.. Run as fast as you can and jump on the R.Riveter American Handmade bandwagon.  Spoil yourself or someone else while feeling great about the purchase you made. I plan on ordering my bag and wallet through their trailblazer bundle program, and I cannot wait to share my first-hand experience with you. 

Please take a moment to watch the video below about their amazing story.  Let’s help support R.Riveter and and their mission this holiday season!

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