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Jaquish Biomedical X3®️ Elite – Complete Home Gym – Made in USA



  • X3 Elite Bar – Specially machined alloy steel bar with internal bearings, like an
    Olympic bar, so that the grip is always optimized
  • Ground Plate – Marine Grade CNC machined high density polyethylene Ground Plate
  • 4 Custom Engineered Resistance Bands – Includes Extra-Light, Light, Medium, and Heavy
    bands made from layered latex of exceptional thickness
  • Engineered to support over 500lbs. of resistance
  • 12 week program that includes:
    • Entry Level Form
    • Advanced Workout Techniques
    • When to Exercise
    • When to Rest or Eat
    • What to Eat (and Not Eat)
    • Healthy Food with No Prep Work
    • Sleep Optimization

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

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Grow muscle 3 times faster than you can with free weights!

Compared to regular weight training, variable resistance training (such as X3) led to double or triple the gains in one-rep max, and triple the gains in average power, for the time period tested. But even that research didn’t scratch the surface of the fact that confirmed with bone research, humans are 7-times more powerful in the strong vs weak range. So now knowing this, we obviously need to massively increase force as we move into stronger ranges, you can’t do this with a weight, but X3 makes this happen. This may be one of the most profound discoveries in the history of sports performance science.
People quit on fitness because they don’t see results in the time they can commit.

The following will change the way you view exercise, FOREVER! 10 years ago, a scientist invented a medical device to grow bone density since his mother had low bone density and knew he could fix it. The device fixed his mother as well as tens of thousands of others, but he made another big discovery. He saw that when people are in impact-ready positions, they were seven times stronger than what weights would allow at the gym.
This means that when you lift weights you are over-loading joints while under-loading muscle. Exactly why so many fail to see results. WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE WEIGHT AS YOU MOVE!?

He created some of the world’s most powerful latex bands: 50-100 times the power of typical fitness bands.

The only challenge was that these bands would injure wrists and ankles if used alone. He then invented a powerful olympic bar and ground plate to protect joints and deliver massive variable power for RAPID GROWTH!
Dr. Jaquish, the scientist, gained 45lbs of muscle and dropped 16lbs of fat while creating the device.
Now he’s ready to share it with the world!
Welcome to X3.

X3 Program Week 1 Workout 1

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