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Hot Cherry Red Denim Square Pillow – Made in the USA


Perfect for muscle soreness, aching knees, a congested chest, abdominal cramps or simply relaxing warmth. The Square pillow is soft, durable and dyed with a red natural dye, derived from macadamia tree bark. Minimally packaged in twine wrap. All Hot Cherry pillows are microwavable, freeze-able, and machine washable! Used hot, our pillows relieve pain, increase circulation, relax muscles and promote sleep. Used cold, they reduce inflammation, fever, and calm hot flashes. All orders arrive via our Amazon inventory fulfillment and always with Free Shipping!

  • All Hot Cherry® pillows are machine washable ––follow instructions carefully–– and they will last for years!
  • Hot Cherry® pillows come in six different sizes and three fabrics to choose from.
  • Each Square pillow measures 10.5” x 10.5” and holds approximately 2 lbs of clean dried cherry pits.
  • Natural-dyed 100% cotton denim
  • Hot Cherry® pillows are made with love in the USA.


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Do you know what a Cherry Pit Pillow is? It’s a pillow filled with clean, dried cherry pits. When heated they deliver moist penetrating heat. Place them on tight muscles, tummy aches or just to warm beds.
Just about everybody has heard about microwavable pain relievers like buckwheat pillows, or socks filled with rice, corn, flax or other herbal pillows. However, few people in America have heard about cherry pit pillows. They are, in fact, a Swiss tradition. Foundry workers of ole used heated cherry pit sacks to ease their sore muscles after long days at hard physical work.
I have a friend who was raised in Switzerland, and she remembers her grandmother having a little door on the side of her wood-burning stove where she warmed sacks filled with cherry pits. Every night after dinner her grandmother would place the pit sacks in their beds. Covered with down comforters, those cherry pit sacks kept the family warm all snowy-night long.
The trend soon spread to Germany, where they have their own term for cherry pit pillows, Kirschkernkissen. I purchased my first cherry pit pack in London. So it’s safe to say that in much of the colder European countries, cherry pit filled pillows are well known and loved.
Often I’m asked, “Who eats all those cherries to get those pits?” I’m proud to answer that our source of cherry pits are 100% from the most precious and favored Montmorency tart cherries. Every July when cherries come in season, the Montmorency cherries are pitted and juiced, as a nutritional supplement, that aids arthritis and sleep, because they contain high levels of antioxidants and melatonin. Those pits become part of a sustainable product, instead of going to a landfill.
Moreover, our pits are cleaned and dried with a patented process that uses only water and heat, no chemicals. I once ordered a cherry pit pillow from China and was shocked at the horrible chemical smell that almost ruined the microwave. You can be sure that our pits will never mold, smell subtly like cherry pie, are entirely machine washable, and will last for years. In fact, they get better with age as they get “broken-in”.
Now you know what a cherry pit pillow is, here’s what makes Hot Cherry® pillows the best. We offer them in a variety of fabrics and sizes, from eye pillows to body pillows. Choose from natural dyed 100% cotton denim or our plush maraschino ultra suede. That means that there’s a size and design that’s perfect for your body. we hope that you will elax and enjoy Hot Cherry pillows, warmed or chilled. We love that we manufacture pillows that help people feel better.

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